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How to Configure Outlook 2003  Article Written By :Robert Schonhoff
  Date : 7/20/2010

This article lists the email settings and port numbers for pop3 and imap configurations. It contains instructions for setting up Outlook 2003 as an email client for your POP3/IMAP mailbox.

Difference between POP3 and IMAP settings

Although POP3 is the preferred method, IMAP has its benefits. Imap offers a two-way communication between your Hosting Support mailbox and your email client(s). So, when you perform an action on your mailbox, or a message in your mailbox, it is immediately reflected on the email clients and mobile devices and vice versa (ex: if you log into your Hosting Support account, create a new folder, and put a message into that folder, this change will instantly and automatically appear in your email client, such as Outlook, and on your mobile device). Also, if you are at work, and you begin a message, and save it, it will still be there when you log in from a different client, say from home. 

IMAP provides a better method to access your mail from multiple devices, say from work, home, and your mobile, through two-way syncing capabilities between your mail clients and the Hosting Support mailbox. However, because IMAP saves all your messages on the server, be sure frequently clean up your mailbox, deleting old messages. 

Configure email server names and ports for POP3

The Email Server Names settings are:

  • Incoming Mail Server - (your domain suffix; com, net, info etc,)
  • Outgoing Mail Server -

The POP3 ports are: POP: 110 SMTP: 587

Configure email server names and ports for IMAP

  • Select IMAP as the setting in your email client
  • Incoming Mail Server - (your domain suffix; com, net, info etc,)
  • Outgoing Mail Server -

The IMAP ports are: IMAP: 143 SMTP: 587

Configure Outlook 2003 as your Email Client to access your POP3 mailbox

The process below detail how to configure Outlook 2003 as you email client. It has two sections: Setting up Outlook 2003 for the first time (if you have never used Outlook before on this PC); and how to add another outlook email account to your existing outlook profile.

If you have never used Outlook before start here. If you have already configured other email accounts using outlook go to step 14

Using Outlook for the First Time and you are using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

1. Click the Start link and select ALL PROGRAMS Scroll down until you find the "MICROSOFT OFFICE" folder.
2.Look for "Microsoft Office Outlook 2003" and Click it.

start screen

3. Click "Next"

next screen

4. Select "Yes" and click "Next"

select pop3

5. Select "POP3" and click "Next"

acct setup

6. User information
In the "Your Name" section, give the account a name.- ex. "John". This is the name that will appear in the "Account Settings" for Outlook.

Remember, Outlook can pull email from almost all email systems. If you have, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Aol, you setup an entry for each one and let outlook manage all of them from one source.
Next field enter your full email address: ex.

7. Login Information
For "User Name" enter your full email address again
Next field enter your email password given to you by your administrator

DO NOT Check login using Secure Password Authentication SPA)

8. Server Information
For Incoming mail server, enter ""
For Outgoing mail server, enter ""

9. Click "more Settings" button

more settings

10. Click "Outgoing Server" tab.
and Check the "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication"

Do NOT enter any other data on this tab.

Click the "advanced" tab

advanced tab

Change the outgoing SMTP server port number to 587
Click "Next"

back to acct

12. Click "test Account Settings" button

test settings

If all data is entered correctly you will see green checks on everything. If there are any prompts to enter your email address, password or any failures on any field, close the error screen and verify the data entered for misspellings. If you have verified all data is accurate please call 210-888-9296 for further guidance.

13. If test was successful. Close the test screen and Click "Next"


Congratulations you have successfully created your outlook account. To test you new outlook configuration create a new email and address it to and in the subject field put "Test Email". When we receive your email we will respond.

If you already use Outlook and want to add a new email account

14. Open Outlook go to "Tools" and select "Account Settings"

add new account

15. Select "Add new e-mail account "and click "Next"

select pop3

16. Select "POP3" and click "next"

16. Go back to "Step 5" and complete remaining steps.